Some examples of the services we can offer:
• Advice and choice of media for exhibitions and event marketing
• Warehousing, administration and distribution of exhibition material
• Training of stand personnel
• Design and outlining
• Artwork
Given our complete overview, we want to be a sounding board for you and solve the strategic and practical realisation of your goals. A selected network of partners further strengthens our competitiveness in a number of different specialised areas.

We are a team of 20 enthusiastic co-workers with a turnover of 30 million SEK at our office  in Norrtälje.

Our large image production is in Norrtälje, about 50 minutes north of Stockholm. Here we produce large images for building façades, material and other banners, vehicle signs and graphics, image backdrops, images for stands, display systems etc. We also have an exhibition and sales office for our whole range in exhibition and event marketing.

Please contact us for quotations in Norrtälje, +46(0)176 20 80 50 or by mailing your inquiry using the following link.

Here you can download our guideline for print files